Eclipse Viewing at J.J. Harris

Kaylee viewing the eclipse with a student (Photo by Nancy Evelyn)

Leading up to this past solar eclipse, the College of Education and the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences through UGA created a campaign to “Help Clarke County Students Watch the Solar Eclipse” (Georgia Funder). This campaign not only existed to provide all prekindergarten through 12th grade students in Clarke County with solar eclipse glasses, but it also brought teams of STEM educators and researchers to each of the schools.

EcoReach brought two members to J.J. Harris Elementary Charter School where they helped out with first and second grade classes. While the students were waiting for the eclipse to occur, the EcoReach volunteers briefly taught each of the classes about why solar eclipses occur and asked the students to make predictions about what they will see throughout the eclipse.

Once the students were outside, the volunteers answered questions and provided helpful (and constant) reminders to keep their glasses on. Overall, the students were very excited and EcoReach had a great time sharing this experience with the school.

The kids showing off their handmade eclipse masks with Reed (Photo by Nancy Evelyn)
Kaylee viewing the eclipse with a student (Photo by Nancy Evelyn)
Reed and Kaylee posing outside of J.J. Harris with UGA Eclipse Blackout shirts (Photo by Nancy Evelyn)

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