Water Cycle Bracelets

Age range: Elementary School

image of water cycle
Source: https://gpm.nasa.gov/education/water-cycle

Time Required:

≈ 5-7 minutes

Materials Needed:

  • Various colored beads (white, clear, brown, green, yellow, light blue, and dark blue)
  • String, pipe cleaners, or twine
  • A computer with internet access

Optional Materials: Paper, markers or crayons, a printer

Activity Breakdown:

Water Cycle Bracelets is a fun, educational craft activity to do with students! All you need is a picture of the water cycle, string, and different colored beads!

Each bead color represents a different aspect of the water cycle. They are listed below:

White = clouds
Clear = water vapor
Brown = ground
Green = plants
Yellow = the Sun
(source of energy for the cycle)
Light Blue = rain
Dark Blue = water in lakes, rivers, and oceans
(storage and runoff)

Alternate instructions: If you or your students don’t have beads at home, you easily can substitute colored paper for beads! One example could be to make a paper-link necklace!