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At home activities and games for kids and students (K12) to learn about environmental and ecological concept, while having fun!

All About Moths

Moths are insects that are closely related to butterflies. They both belong to the order Lepidoptera. Moths are usually active at night and rest during the day.

Build-a-Bug Workshop

Did you know that there are some insects that spend most of their lives underwater in streams, rivers, and lakes?

Water Cycle Bracelets

Craft your very own Water Cycle Bracelet while learning how water moves through the Earth’s water cycle.

Seed Fight Club Activity

Seed Fight Club is a creative activity that teaches students about resource competition and seed dispersal. Instructors should first give a short lesson on what plants need to grow and survive in a competitive environment and how seed dispersal can help.

Darwin's Finches Activity

In this activity, you will use different “beaks” (forks, spoons, knives, and cups) to collect different types of “food” (anything you can find around the house that is small enough to be picked up with the tools mentioned above)! You will do this in three different “environments” (bins).

Plastic Pollution

How long does it take for items that we all use every day to degrade in the ocean? Plastic pollution in the world’s oceans has become a widely-recognized problem for ecosystems worldwide, but especially for marine ecosystems.

Backyard Critters

This program celebrates the amazing diversity of nature and wildlife that can be found even in your own backyard! Tell us all about the critters you find!

Firefly Monitoring

Learn about fireflies using their behavior. Light patterns can tell us a lot about a species! Have the chance to observe fireflies using this activity. 

Pollinator Program

This program contains multiple activities talking all about pollinators and why they’re important. Learn about what type of pollinators exist and how pollination works!

Marine Biology

This marine biology program contains multiple activities and worksheets. Learn all about the ocean and the organisms that live within it. What lives in the ocean and what can you do to help?