Backyard Critters Program

This program celebrates the amazing diversity of nature and wildlife that can be found even in your own backyard!

Exploring nature is as easy as stepping outside. Learn to take a closer look at the world around you and observe the wonders of the natural world.

Share your stories, photos, or drawings with our submission link:

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Instructions for Backyard Critters

How to participate in EcoReach's Backyard Critters Project​


Instructions for teachers to participate in backyard critters as a classroom.

  1. Create a team name for your classroom for your students to use with their submissions
  2. Encourage your students to observe the natural world in their own backyards. Plants, Animals and Fungi are all welcome! Have them record what they see using photos, stories, or poems. Be creative! Students should submit their observations at
  3. We will keep track of your classrooms’ observations and questions. If desired, schedule a Zoom-a-Scientist session with an EcoReach member to get your students’ questions answered!
  4. Check our website for posts on your classroom’s submissions. Your students’ critters could be featured in an upcoming Backyard Critters post

View our Step by Step Teacher Guide for more details and share this Student Submission Guide with your class.


Instructions to participate in backyard critters as an individual.

  1. Observe! Take a look at the world around you. Look closer at the plants, animals, and fungi in your own backyard.
  2. Record! Tell us more. Take a photo, write a haiku, or draw a picture of what you’ve seen.
  3. Submit! Use this form to submit your observations:

Check out our Step by Step Submission Guide for more detailed instructions.