Career Exploration Fair @ Hilsman Middle School

Last Friday, EcoReach went to Hilsman Middle School and spent the entire day at their bi-annual career exploration fair!

Every semester, Hilsman Middle School invites EcoReach and other local agriculture/food science organizations to talk at a their career exploration fair. The students have a series of questions to answer, including necessary skills, education, and types of jobs in each respective field. Over the course of a full school day, EcoReachers discussed EcoReach and Ecology, their journey into science, types of research they’ve done, and career options in Ecology and Environmental science.

We had EcoReachers discussing disease ecology, urban ecology, plant ecophysiology, and herpetology. They also presented photos of themselves in the field all over the country. The kids loved listening to the EcoReachers’ field and laboratory stories, and hopefully some of these students will consider a career in Ecology!

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