Athens Water Festival

This past Saturday, EcoReach volunteered at the annual Athens Water Festival! This is one of our favorite events every year, and this year was especially exceptional. There were nearly 1,000 people in attendance, its biggest ever, and we met so many young students and young scientists.

For our activity this year, we decided to make bracelets to help facilitate a mini lesson on the water cycle! We had seven different colored beads, each color corresponding to an important aspect of the water cycle.
The kids (and adults) were able to learn how the sun provides the energy necessary for the water cycle to occur, and the different ways water moves from water vapor to clouds to rain to rivers to plants and animals and finally to the ground and then back into the atmosphere.

Yellow beads – The sun
Clear beads – Water vapor
White beads- Clouds
Light blue beads – Precipitation, such as rain or snow
Dark blue beads – Rivers and Oceans
Green beads – Water stored in plants and animals
Brown beads- Water stored in the ground (groundwater)

You too can be a Water Avenger! Learn more about the water cycle in this short video for kids, or read about the water cycle here.

Learn more about the Athens Water festival here, and visit the rest of our site to learn how you can be involved with EcoReach, bring us to your classroom, or support our mission.

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