Microorganisms: South Jackson Elementary School 5th grade lesson

5th graders learning about microbes

After UGA’s classes ended and its graduations commenced, EcoReach stayed busy! Most public K-12 school remain in session beyond UGA’s calendar, so EcoReach had several opportunities to work in some different classrooms. This May 14th, EcoReach visited South Jackson Elementary School in Jackson County and presented a lesson on microorganisms to their 5th graders!

These 5th graders had learned about microorganisms earlier in the year, and EcoReachers Ashley and Kaylee were brought to campus to review this topic and to play some activities with the kids. We went over bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and reminded the students that not all microbes are bad! Both Kaylee and Ashley study bacteria in their own research, and they were able to explain all the different ways to research microbes, and how microbes can be both harmful and beneficial!

After the review session, we played a game to see if the kids knew which types of microbes are good, bad, or both! The students were great and we hope to return again next year!

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