Reopening Festival at Lake Herrick: EcoReach Gets Artsy

EcoArt was the name coined for the festival grand re-opening of Lake Herrick. On April 6th, scientists and artists from UGA hosted activities and displayed environmental art around the lake for the birth of a new annual event.

EcoReach teamed up with SEEDS (Strategies for Education in Ecology, Diversity and Sustainability) an undergraduate organization in the Odum School of Ecology.

To teach environmental messages, we put a poster on display. In short, it showed pollutants of the lake that caused it to close in the first place. Also, it showed challenges lakes face and displayed the food web of Lake Herrick.

In conclusion, we hosted a fun activity for kids and families. To summarize, the activity included matching photos and species names as well as stressors on the lake. For example, we had a small mouth bass on display right above a crappie, and we would see if they knew the difference.

A productive, engaging day, EcoReach interacted with dozens of Athens’ locals. We explored the food web. And, we talked about how over-fishing and runoff threaten this beautiful park that hosts so much wonderful life.

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