New Sandy Creek Series-Women in Science Talk Microbes

Sandy Creek Nature Center hosted their first ever annual women in science event on March 30th. And EcoReach got to help out!

Female researchers from the University of Georgia used a fun game to spread their message. Firstly, they introduced the game: “Meet Your Microbe Neighbors.”

Next, they taught families about diseases they can get from animals near them.

In short, these included rabies, toxoplasmosis, canine parvovirus, and canine distemper. Next, they talked hosts, symptoms, and ways pests spread. And after that, they listened to what locals had to say. In conclusion, they talked disease prevention in both people and their pets! EcoReach enjoyed supporting women in science and will be on the look-out for future similar events.

Learn more about Ecoreach and their fun events by visiting their newly improved website

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