EcoReach Undergraduate SciComm Contest

EcoReach is pleased to announce a new program, the EcoReach Undergraduate SciComm Contest!

The purpose of this program is to encourage UGA undergraduates involved in ecology and
related disciplines to communicate scientific topics to a K-12 audience. This program will help EcoReach to develop curriculum materials that can be shared with local educators. All
applicants will have an opportunity to share their products with other students, faculty, and
staff in a friendly environment at the EcoReach SciComm Symposium (date TBA) where the
winners of the contest will be announced.

The top 3 submissions will receive a cash prize!

  • 1st Place- $150
  • 2nd Place- $100
  • 3rd Place- $50

Submissions must be submitted along with a form that will be used to help teachers adapt their materials to the classroom. Submissions are accepted from single contributors or groups; however, cash awards must be split among the group. Some ideas for projects include lesson plans, a short video, infographics, or anything that could be implemented in a classroom setting. Applicants can choose to either 1) develop new products or 2) can complete and submit any of the incomplete EcoReach outreach projects. The link to the required form and incomplete projects can be found below. Undergraduates should also be able to find these forms in their email. 


Completed outreach products and lesson information form can be sent to by Monday, April 18 @ 11:59PM with the subject line “EcoReach
SciComm Contest Entry”. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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