EcoReach x Atlanta Firefly Project

Started in the summer of 2021, the Atlanta Firefly Project is a community initiative that assists researchers in studying firefly conservation in Georgia. The goal of the project is to gather ecological research. The data is used for ecological research. In 2021-2022 the observational data were analyzed along with aerial imagery of vegetation and light pollution to understand how land management influences the abundance of the big dipper firefly. 

You can help from your own home, whether you live in an apartment, townhome, detached home, or wherever you call home, your observations are valuable! All it takes is a commitment to monitor outside your home two evenings in June and two evenings in July and submit information using our entry form documenting whether or not you see fireflies!

The Atlanta Firefly Project was created by UGA student Kelly Ridenhour as a part of her MS research. Kelly graduated in May of 2022, so EcoReach is helping to continue the project for future years. EcoReach is looking to expand the outreach of the project to include the Athens area. The goal of this is to get more data points across all of Georgia. 

EcoReach officer Daniel Suh sat down for an interview with the Atlanta Firefly Project to talk more about it and said, “I think the most exciting thing about the Atlanta Firefly Project really is the ability for just a lot of people to connect and learn more”.

To read about the interview, check out the Atlanta Firefly Project blog

How to participate?

1. Visit our website

2. Sign-up for our email list

This step is optional, but you will get email updates this way

3. Watch the training video

For an explanation of the project and how to collect the data.

4. Monitor your yard or public space 2x in June

And report information using the survey form on our website

5. Repeat in July

6. Stay tuned for updates!

We will share what we learn!

Interested in getting involved with EcoReach? Email us at to find out about upcoming programs!

Poster from Atlanta Firefly Project

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