Nicholson Library Event: Plastic Pollution

EcoReach had the opportunity to go to Nicholson Library last week with a program on plastic pollution. Participants learned how long some commonly used items take to break down, dissolved starch packing peanuts, did an oil pollution activity, and a marine biology game. 

EcoReach Coordinator, Julie Blaze, explains activity to students

Did you know that the stuffing in your dog’s toy can end up as a microplastic in the ocean? What about the clothes you’re wearing right now? Are you aware that there is a mass of trash in the ocean called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and it’s 10 times the state of Georgia? Students learned all about these issues and ways that they can get involved in preventing future plastic pollution.

Interested to find out more about plastic pollution? Use the link below to check out our “at home” activity: 

Plastic Pollution – EcoReach – Odum School of Ecology (

EcoReach memebers Mackenzie and Julie show off plastic activity

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